Lorenzo moves up to MotoGP next year

 In MotoGP

(*Above: the smugnificently pompous Jorge Lorenzo)

I have to say that I’m actually kinda sad that the hilariously self-satisfied (though I will admit, hugely gifted) Jorge Lorenzo is moving up to the top class of MotoGP next year to race for Yamaha on a factory-supported YZR-M1.
I’d really wanted him to stop long enough in 250 for Alvaro to totally whip his butt; and even though Bati’s debut 250 season has been little short of epic so far, it’s not something he’ll really do this year.
We did of course have that brilliant win – and brilliant last lap move – at Mugello, but I’d have loved to see a longer term full-on rivalry develop, as Alvaro is pretty much the anti-Lorenzo in terms of outlook and personality; and a very pleasant change I must say 😉

Ah well, it’ll be nice to see Bati take him on once he moves up too…

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