Alvaro Bautista Fan Forum Launches…

 In MotoGP

Time to explain what the surprise is…
Basically there seemed to be a huge gaping hole in the WWW where there should be a proper full-on Fan Forum for supporters of Alvaro Bautista who are ‘international’ / non-Spanish speaking.
Whilst he (obviously) has a decent Spanish presence, it seemed wrong that he should at this stage still not have a *forum* dedicated to him for fans worldwide.
So, and stv21 have had a good old think and agreed to work together to do two things:
Phase 1 – launch – The Alvaro Bautista Fan Forum; a php based forum / bulletin board that’s easy to join, and is divided up into sections covering Alvaro, his season, other MotoGP stuff and Bati-related topics.
Phase 2 – expand into a fuller, deeper information site.
Basically we now both run both the sites together.

Phase 2 will have to wait till the off-season, but Phase 1, the launch of the forum is now done, and open for fans to sign up. It also has led to a change in the overall site header, which now takes in the forum, the fan shop, the blogs of both me and stv21, and the e-cards.

It’s easy to join up and join in, and we hope that we can – with the help of other Bati fans – grow a big friendly forum that will become THE place for fans the world over.
Come and join us – or if you know others who would be interested, then point them to us 😉

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