Estoril Quotes From “Brilliant Bautista”

 In MotoGP

Yahoo / Eurosport refers to “Brilliant Bautista” – saying that his victory today in Portugal was as good as the one that saw him win the 125cc race at the same circuit by 15 seconds a year ago.
Today’s race saw the 22-year-old Spaniard carve his way through the field relentlessly to pass Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo at mid-distance.

“I started worse, no, more than worse, and I tried to push as hard as I could,” said Bautista.
“When I passed a few I saw the podium near, but then when I was third I thought I must push some more because I saw Lorenzo and Dovizioso were not so far ahead.
“I tried to push more than 100 per cent to keep the distance and I’m just so happy to win this race. We’ve worked very hard in the team and this is for them.”

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