Gets TV Plug On Eurosport

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Sunday really was a good day for us… Not only did Bati take Estoril by storm with a gobsmacking win in the MotoGP 250cc race, but Eurosport actually ended up namechecking our website.
In post race comments by the smashing Toby Moody and Julian Ryder, they were talking about how wide-ranging support for Alvaro Bautista is, and were talking about what a good reception he’d got at Donington.
Then Toby Moody (I think it was Toby Moody – I did go a little bit freaky for a second…) announced that there was now for English speaking fans.

Whether he assumed that we were actually an ‘official’ site, or whether he had simply judged it to be a good site for Bati fans, I have no idea – but it was an excellent and unexpected moment. We exist for other fans and to have people of that calibre pointing them our way is brilliant.

Many thanks to our favourite commentators 🙂
We’ve mentioned you before on this blog (and on the Fan Forum) but now you have truly entered our Hall of Fame!

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