Alvaro Bautista – “Campeón” Soundtrack Download

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(*Above: me on the Chapman Stick… Ahem, er… Moshing…)

Good news is that the “Alvaro Bautista Campeón – Fan Movie” posted up on Youtube is getting plenty of hits; well over a hundred in its first day – plus a few comments and stars…
Bad news is that I’m still a bit sulky that their compression has scrunched the first part of the movie (as well as the general overall hammering that you tend to expect). Anyway – it’s live and it’s loved… 🙂

One thing that was particularly crucial in doing the job right was doing the music right – I decided to write it myself rather than nick something from somewhere, and so I used some outtakes from old work by my band Smallcreep – most specifically some slow dirty guitar riffs by Rob (the Robster) Jenkinson, and pulled together the bass lines underneath with the Chapman Stick – an instrument I love using as a power-bass (largely because I’m not good enough to use it as a ‘complete’ instrument doing bass AND melody as some clever bastards do…)
Anyway, the method of tapping / thumping the strings – and dragging notes around makes for some excellent bass end textures, especially with some compression, EQ and chorus – and so with those in place, and with some further dirtying up of Rob’s guitarwork it was left to me and Garageband to pull the pieces together into a fast, driving piece that was going to have the right pace and vibe to edit against.

I’m really happy with the result, and if you liked what you heard on the movie and you want to download the MP3 of just the soundtrack then you can find it here…

Enjoy 🙂

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