A Sense Of Perspective

 In MotoGP

It would be easy to feel a bit down about today’s race; Bati binning it whilst in a great 2nd position and a fine chance of finishing the season with a 1st.
(So easy in fact, that I’d admit to being a tad down about it myself…)

Nonetheless, whilst it’s easy to dwell on single results – especially at a season end where you’re in danger of remembering little else for the next few weeks – it’s far more healthy, and correct, to take a moment like now to put things in perspective:

Alvaro has performed brilliantly as a 250cc rookie. It’s his maiden season, and he took his first victory at six races in at Mugello. Not only was it a victory but it was a spectacular victory, filled with totally balls-out racing and a nerve-shredding last lap passing Lorenzo (who flung himself into some gravel in disgust) and de Angelis.
And amidst plenty of podiums he took a second victory at Estoril where he made up for a scrappy start by heroically carving through the field and simply heading off into the distance ahead of Lorenzo and Dovizioso.
He’s wound up 4th in the overall championship with a very creditable 181 points, and such a strong first season – and the evidence of our own eyes of how beautifully he rides and how passionately he races – suggests that next season will be even better.

Shit happens sometimes. As it did today. But do what Alvaro does; keep a smile on your face; cos he’s given us a brilliant season’s worth of excitement, and he’ll do it again in 2008.

Have a good rest and a good off-season Bati 🙂

And all you Bati fans out there – get over to our BatiFans.com Alvaro Bautista Fan Forum where we’ll be all winter till the next season comes. Come and chat with other fans, and join in with our fun and comeptitions; including some with excellent Bati prizes…

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