Happy Christmas Alvaro – & All The Bati Fans Out There

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Well; this is really just a kind of very general, off-topic post to say a Happy Christmas to all the other Bati fans out there.
Obviously there’s not really much in the way of direct news about Alvaro right now, so I’m not doing much updating on the blog.
That’s not to say I’m not online or doing Bati-related things; we’ll definitely be keeping up the chat over at BatiFans.com – The Alvaro Bautista Fan Forum – especially now stv21’s back from the USA and I’m back from a quick and heavenly hot break in west Africa.

I got back to London at 4am on Saturday and following a frenzy of unpacking and re-packing came up to Lincolnshire yesterday on a very chilly, very early morning journey through freezing fog, to spend Xmas with my folks.
My MotoGP season review DVD has arrived so I’m looking forward to sitting down at watching that, although I’d really have liked to get the 250cc/125cc review first.
So a few days up here, and getting used to the cold again – then back to London inn time for new year.

So that’s it really… Have a great Christmas – and let me be the first to give you a quick festive snog under the mistletoe which I’ve conveniently and sneakily hung at the top of this post. No tongues though… lol 🙂
Happy 2008 to you, and for Alvaro of course, who I’m dying to follow through another great season. Can’t wait for it all to start again!


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