Possible Date For Aspar Presentation?

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Did you wonder what was going on when the 125 squad was a no-show at the Mapfre Master Aspar launch the other week?
I did… Last year the 250 and 125 squads were presented in one light-n-sound extravaganza.
Well, hopefully what we saw was really just to introduce the Mapfre company above all and to show their importance in the new red 250cc livery for Alvaro Bautista and Hector Faubel.

Still – I was wondering when we might see Pere…?!
Well if I’ve read/understood it correctly then I have seen mention (or rumour) on the web of a further Aspar presentation in Madrid on February 25th.
Whether this is just the 125s or both squads in a more ‘team’ event I don’t know.
But hopefully it means we’ll get to see Pere in his new colours ahead of the season start, which of course isn’t too far away itself…

Anybody else know anything about this?

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