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Well – as I’m sure you will have noticed as you are already looking at the blog here, things have all gone a bit red…. but it’s not just here – it’s also the main website, the batifans forum, and our fanshop too.
Me & stv21 wanted to reflect the new livery (no matter how attached we are to the ‘old’ blue white and orange!) and to make sure our websites are seen as completely up-to-date and completely “2008” – as a truly top-flight international fansite empire should be…!
So a few weeks back, pretty much as soon as we first saw the new 2008 red livery first out on track in testing, we got working on overhauling the website design; updating the main site, the forum, the fanshop (and contents) and the blog – there’s been an awful lot to do; first getting the look right in mockups – and then building it all afresh – not only graphics but stylesheets, templates and all kinds of stuff! Followed by a lot of testing.

Along with changing the colours on the sites, you will notice we have added new ‘red’ wallpapers, signatures and forum avatars on the batifans forum, as well as some new e-cards on the main site.

Some things about the design we have kept fundamentally the same – the same basic typographic style with the big chunky Helvetica lettering, and some of the basic clean layout ideas and blocky graphics, but we have made the page headers a bit heavier by making more of the red (at least for now while we establish it as our new colour).

I hope you like the new look – and the new ‘red’ downloads and graphics, and the new ‘red’ gear in the FanShop – and that it all puts you in the 2008 mood!

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