Final Picture & Words From Qatar

 In MotoGP

And here’s Bati’s post-race quotes; some measured disappointment, but a typically mature perspective on it all…

“Today was our day, but bad luck made it a bad one. I have started well and went to the front without problems, but from the 9th lap on the back tyre began to slide and it has been very difficult to maintain the race lead.
Lap by lap the situation got worse because I could neither enter the curves nor open the throttle in the curves. Today we had that bit of bad luck and I hope that it does not happen again during the season. This lesson teaches us that it is not enough to have the bike perfectly set up, but that sometimes it is also necessary to be lucky. When I realized that the fight with Barberá was lost, I tried to give my best to finish in a good position.”

End of chapter one.
Onto Jerez… 😉

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