Pere Tutusaus: Quotes from Jerez GP

 In MotoGP

As it turned out, Pere Tutusaus had the peculiar distinction of being the only Team Aspar rider to finish in either 125cc or 250cc races at Jerez on Sunday, taking a solid and well-deserved 19th place in the final results.

Even so, Pere was not completely satisfied with his showing, and – according to quotes on – is aware that could still give more:
“I feel that I am still not at the level that I would like. I feel as if other riders are one step ahead of me. I am a bit disappointed because I wanted to do the very best possible in Jerez. Now I must move on to Portugal. Estoril is a circuit that I know well and on which I hope to do better…”

Whilst it’s understandable he wants to do better, let’s bear in mind that he’s still only done 2 *proper* world championship races, so he shouldn’t be too hard on himself.
He’s coming along nicely – and I’ll be only too happy to see him do better and better, but I’ll not be down on him if it takes a few more races yet… 🙂

Go Pere!

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