Alvaro’s Message To His Fans…

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Thanks to Pringle for managing to translate this post from Alvaro to his official (Spanish) forum, following up the Jerez weekend.
(*All the jejeje type stuff is Spanish for laughing by the way!)

Hello everybody!! How are you?? I’m fine but I could be better jejejje
It was a pity in Jerez, because the whole weekend went pretty well, ok I had some small problems with the bike on Friday but they were resolved very well on Saturday and I had fun riding again and had a lot of confidence for Sunday… The race went brilliant, I felt strong and I wanted to win no matter what, I had it clear and under control, and I wanted to celebrate a victory with all of you, but I didn’t expect what happened, of which you know all already and there’s no need to tell you again, no??? jejejejej
You know what especially impressed me most and what moved me??? As well as all of you who did not stop to support me during the weekend, which was noted!!! After the race on the grandstand on the straight, when the people started to call my name… wow!!! That was very cool, really I felt loved and supported and I would like to say thanks (not only to them, but also to everybody who supports me) for doing this, I did not hope for it and I got it anyway… and above all it cheered me up and it made me think it wasn’t all bad, that the next time I would be stronger and fight hard to reach my objective, as soon as possible, in Portugal (good memories) I intend to be like always a 100% and fighting!!! Those of you who will be there have a lot of fun and those who can’t be there, I’m sure you’ll be supporting from home…
Ok people, I dismiss myself now, really many thanks for your support and encouragements and that sooner or later luck will be with us no??? ajjajajajjaja
A hug and a kiss!!!

A great demonstration of somebody who’s got it all in perspective, and a perfect example of why we support him.
Let’s hope Estoril brings us (and Bati) better…

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