Quotes ahead of Chinese GP

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This year’s Chinese GP will also be the last time for MotoGP riders on the track. The circuit will not be on the calendar next year and only host F1 races from then on.

Before the long flight to China, all riders from Team Aspar shared their opinion about the track and talked about what they did during the long break.
(Translated with help from Babelfish)

Alvaro Bautista, 250cc Mapfre Master Aspar:
“I come to China after we made the best of the weekend in Portugal and snatched the victory and after being with my friends and family. I also I fulfilled some open duties. The triumph of Estoril has given me much tranquillity and this really is what matters to me the most, facing the Great Prize of Shanghai.
During the past weeks I have been training hard to come to China in best shape. It is not one of my favorite circuits, but in the last two years I have been on the podium in 125 and in 250. So hopefully this year we are able to repeat that result or even improve it. It is a quite atypical circuit with its curves, but if we continue working like we did so far, we will surely be able to find the best setting.”

Hector Faubel, 250cc Mapfre Master Aspar
“In Portugal we took a good step forward, I enjoyed myself during the race and I was able to fight with other riders.
Shanghai is a strange circuit, but I like it, among other things because last year I finished second. I have never raced here with the 250 before, so I hope to continue taking the right steps forward, like in Estoril. The past weeks I have used the opportunity to train a lot with my mountainbike and a motorbike on a closed circuit. I feel fit and can’t wait to race with the Aprilia in China”.

Sergio Gadea, 125cc Bancaja Aspar Team:
“The Shanghai circuit is one that I like very much. Last year I led a great part of the race, but in the end we finished sixth. We didn’t go very fast, but I am sure that this year, with the level that we have seen at the beginning of the season, we will. The circuit of Shanghai has some curves similar to the track in Qatar and is fast, so I am convinced that we can obtain a good result. The goal is to get as many points as possible and to avoid at all costs that Corsi wins again. We didn’t have much luck in the last two races, but if we continue doing our work like until now, we will be on the top again soon”.

Gabor Talmacsi, 125cc Banjaca Aspar Team:
“Since we left Portugal I have stopped racing. I have had some commitments with sponsors, I went to the Dakar Series in my country and for the most part I didn’t train at the Hungaroring. It is clear that at the moment we are in a delicate situation and the 12th position in the championship is not where I like to be.
The past weeks I have found some more motivation and I hope that the things evolve more positive shortly. Mentally I stay confident and strong as always. We know that the next race in Shanghai is really important for our season. If we manage to finish between the three first, we will be able to continue thinking about the Championship”.

Pere Tutusaus, 125cc Bancaja Aspar Team:
“I’m very excited to race in Shanghai. I know it is more apt for F1 with the geometry of its curves and not so much for bikes.
In order to not go there completely unprepared, I have been training with the MotoGP game on Playstation and I like the entrance, the main exit of the straight very much. Last week I competed in the CEV, it was a good weekend of racing and getting some more experiences with the bike. Although we didn’t finish very good, because when I was fighting for the fourth position a problem with the electronics of my bike relegated me to the 12th place. Every time these things happen I take more experiences with me and my goal is that I want to be in the points as soon as possible”.

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