French GP: Quotes 125cc after QP1

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1st Sergio Gadea: 1.43.515 (15 laps)
“The morning started fantastically with the fastest time, but after the free practice session I felt a little off. I was scared that I might not be able to ride this afternoon, but with medication I got rid of my headache. The work today was perfect; not just for the position, but also in the respect that the team keep on working hard and the bike is going well. We seem to have rectified the problems of Shanghai by making various changes, independent of whether we win or not, the important thing is to be competitive, and I’m going to try my best for a good result this weekend.”

11th Gábor Talmacsi: 1.44.769 (12 laps)
“I am a little disappointed, because the start of the qualifying session went well. Then I stopped to change tyres, and the bike’s performance dropped and didn’t allow maximum usage. I came in a couple of times, but we couldn’t get things together and opted for the second machine, with just four minutes left. I hope that it stays dry tomorrow, and then I can look at the top places. The positive thing is Sergio’s provisional pole, as know we have some data to work with.¨

28th Pere Tutusaus: 1.44.416 (15 laps)
“The track is one that I am liking; really beautiful and one at which I’m hoping for points, as in China. I gave my all, but I’m 28th at the moment and I don’t consider that a good result. Luckily it’s just the first go, and we have some more time to work on things. The morning session was the better of the two, we lost some of our feeling in the afternoon. The bike was working well, but I didn’t feel comfortable. I hope to move up a few places tomorrow.”

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