French GP: Quotes 250cc Final Quali

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2nd Álvaro Bautista: 1.38.479 (15 laps)
“It was a shame that they stole pole position off me by just a thousandth of a second at the end of the session although I am still happy because my pace is good. I would have liked to start from the front position but at the end of the day the front row is the most important. We’ll see what happens tomorrow – I have a good set-up and good feeling with the bike. The team have done a great job for tomorrow but we have to wait and see what the conditions are for the race. If it rains I’ll take things steady and try to find my pace before pushing the limits and trying to have fun!”

13th Héctor Faubel: 1.39.450 (12 laps)
“The rain cut the session short and we weren’t able to complete many decent laps. I’ve improved compared to yesterday but so have some of the others. The setting is decent as far as the chassis is concerned and that’s the most important thing because I can put the bike where I want it. Now my only thought is on getting a good start and fighting for the top ten. A couple of tenths faster and I would have been on the third row but generally things are positive. Looking at the pace of the others I think we can have a good race.”

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