Best Yet For Pere: 12th In Rain-Stricken French GP

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A great result for Pere today, as he came home 12th in an eventful French GP run in tricky conditions.
The 125 race was rain-affected, starting dry (with Tutu 29th on the grid) but stopped with 9 of the 24 laps remaining as a shower started and a number of riders started to go down.
Pere was up to 21st by this point and so started from that position for the “second race” of 5 laps (calculated from arcane regs governing interrupted and foreshortened races).
The race was eventually won by Mike Di Meglio, and with an amazing comeback run from a justifiably elated 2nd place guy Bradley Smith.

Today’s result puts Pere up to 24th in the overall Championship standings with 5 points.
Job well done Tutu 🙂

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