French GP: Quotes – 125cc Riders

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12th Pere Tutusaus:
“I am very happy, because I didn’t like the rain until four days ago. I felt comfortable and was able to take points, and for me the race split was the key moment. I was able to take off extremely fast, and was eighth without knowing anything about it! I tried to avoid being swamped by the rest of the field, and was able to overcome my nerves and keep my position. I’ve been in the points for the past two races, and every day the Aprilia is working better.”

14th Gábor Talmacsi
“I am disappointed, because I had a good plan and I was fast during the whole weekend. I tried to ride calmly throughout the race, but I made a mistake. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I lost grip. It might be because I slid into the corner more than at other parts of the circuit. Despite the crash, I was able to take points after rejoining the race. I feel good about the weekend up until now, because we took a step up and have become competitive again.”

20th Sergio Gadea:
“At the start of the race I went all out from the line, and felt that the pace I was imposing was good. As the laps ran down and the rain hit the track I started to feel less comfortable, and I nearly crashed on a number of occasions. Then we had the wet race, and I wanted to get a good start to recuperate positions. However, I dropped down to last place. Then I had some riders crash in front of me, and I wasn’t able to do anything. The weekend has been a good one, and there is still a long way to go in the championship. I hope that we can continue on the right track when we get to Mugello.”

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