Mugello GP: 125cc Quotes after QP1

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7th Gábor Talmacsi: 2.19.698 (10 laps)
“The general feeling is positive. On the last lap I was on course for pole but I made a small mistake that cost me some time and I finished seventh. Free practice went well but in the afternoon it was almost like the engine of my Aprilia felt tired. I’m sure I could have gone faster in the wet but in any case I think the performance of the bike, the team and myself are all satisfactory. I have to sit down with the mechanics now and work out why we weren’t even faster and see where we can improve tomorrow.”

19th Sergio Gadea: 2.21.852 (11 laps)
“It was an unusual session. I started off well but suddenly dropped down the order. The track was covered in puddles and I didn’t want to crash and make life difficult tomorrow, which is forecast for sunshine. I suppose if I’d pushed a bit harder I would have been in the top eight but on the last lap when I wanted to push it was too late. Even though I’m quite far back I’ll work hard tomorrow because in dry conditions I won’t be happy with anything outside the top positions.”

27th Pere Tutusaus: 2.23.928 (11 laps)
“My first impressions of the track are good. I think it’s a track with good grip, despite being wet. This morning we only did six laps because we wanted to try a few different things. In the afternoon we were fast and the team are pleased. We should be a little higher but for my first time here on a new track and in the wet I am happy. We still have a lot of improvements to make but we have tomorrow – hopefully it’s dry and I can get my references for those conditions.”

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