Mugello GP: 250cc Quotes after QP1

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5th Álvaro Bautista: 2.07.876 (16 laps)
“First of all I want to apologise to the media and acknowledge that I was wrong not to speak with them after the Grand Prix in France. I was disappointed but that’s no excuse. Here we’ve come to work as hard as ever – this morning it was going well and in the afternoon the feeling was good in the wet too. Towards the end of the session I opened the throttle too far and crashed by riding with too much confidence. Luckily I escaped without any serious injury and hopefully I get the chance to improve in dry conditions tomorrow because it looks like it will be a dry race.”

18th Héctor Faubel: 2.12.025 (18 laps)
“We’ve tried a lot of things today to try and go faster in the wet but we haven’t found the way forward because the track was completely soaked. Hopefully tomorrow is dry so that I can try some more things and improve my qualifying time and grid position. I’m sure this can be a good circuit for me, even on a 250. Last Tuesday in Madrid I was given the bronze medal for Sporting Merit by Jaime Lissavetzky – it was incredible.”

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