Post-Quali Quotes From Mugello; 125cc

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2nd Gábor Talmacsi: 1.58.467 (13 laps):
“I am very happy, because we are back on the front row and have left behind some other problems. I have to wait and see how the race develops, but the Aprilia is working perfectly. Since China we have found the right direction, and the bike is cornering smoothly without us even hitting the limit. There is room for improvement when passing on the corner, which is in any case fantastic. Tomorrow I expect a tight race, and we are 100% prepared for that -we might even improve the bike tomorrow. We have the plan to start strong and not look back, and I have the confidence in the bike to do that.”

5th Sergio Gadea: 1.58.631 (13 laps):
“I am satisfied with how the session went; although I was a bit lost at the start, I felt progressively more at ease and things started working out. I wanted to catch onto the back of Nico Terol, but he nearly crashed so that plan went out of the window. It wasn´t his fault, but we both lost time from it. We were on course for pole, but fifth isn’t so bad. I am sure that in the race nobody will break away, so we will try to push as hard as possible to reduce the group. We’ll see what pace we need when the race starts.”

32nd Pere Tutusaus: 2.02.195 (14 laps):
“In yesterday’s sessions I couldn’t get much data because the track was so wet; I like the track, despite it being bumpy and difficult. I don’t yet feel comfortable with my riding style here. We were going round in 2’02, but I hope that we can reduce that in the race by a second and finish in the top 20. I know that it will be difficult, but a fast start would put us in the fight. The key will be choosing a fast tyre.”

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