Italian GP, Mugello: Post-race Quotes – 125cc

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2nd Gábor Talmacsi:
“I am really happy with today’s result. I want to thank all my team for their fantastic work all Seaton, and especially at this race. With this demanding circuit, anything could have happened in this race. I didn’t know where I was going to finish, so I tried to use my experience to lead at every possible moment. I was very focused, calculating every movement. The final lap was great; I would have preferred the win, but it is a very good result. We needed a podium, and we’ve shown that we are back, thinking about the championship again.”

6th  Sergio Gadea:
“In the end, sixth is pretty good. On one hand I’m happy with the ten points, near the front and hoping that we can do better in Barcelona. On the other hand, I think that we were missing something to be a bit faster. I did a large part of the race on degrading rubber, and when I got to the front riders I couldn’t pass them. It’s a pity, but I don’t doubt that we will be back up front again.”

21st Pere Tutusaus:
“As always I had a good start from far back. I quickly got amongst the top 20, fighting with Redding and Marquez, and I really feel happy with my race. I reduced my fastest time by two seconds, got into a Fast Group and had some fun. The satisfaction is even better considering the difficulties faced when finding the setting. The key was to just ride and ride. This result gives us optimism for the race in Montmelo, and I also want to congratulate Gabor on returning to the podium after the difficult start to the season.”

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