UPDATE: Latest news on CEV Round 3 125cc Accident, Jerez

 In JuniorGP

Thanks to Tamara for an update on the outcome of that nasty accident at Sunday’s CEV 125cc race at Jerez.
She’s found this report from Associated Press…

Axel Pons of Pons-Aprilia fractured both bones in his lower left leg and was taken to the Puerta del Mar hospital in Cadiz, track officials said in a statement.
Pons fell… and was trying to move off the track when he was hit by other motorcycles.
Team Machado rider Carlos Ferrando broke his left thigh bone and was taken to the SAS hospital in Jerez.
Team KTM rider Edgar Garcia and Josep Rodriguez of TMR had shoulder injuries in the same incident but did not require hospital treatment.

It looked a shocker of an incident; those sound pretty serious injuries – so let’s hope these guys are on the mend soon.

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