British GP: 125cc Quotes after QP1

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2nd Gábor Talmacsi, 1.37.520 (15 laps)
“The first session was really successful. We got the bike set up really quickly this weekend and I was fast from free practice. With one day gone we already only have some small modifications to make to the bike, which is what we were aiming for. I feel really solid and I think we can push even harder. There are a few secrets to this track that we’ll continue to work out and go faster. I’m really happy to be second on the first day – the Aprilia is working perfectly. We couldn’t have started out much better – the bike is 90% set up, I feel strong and I’m sure by Sunday we’ll be at 100%.”

3rd Sergio Gadea, 1.37.649 (15 laps)
“I’m comfortable, satisfied and happy. I was only a good run out of the final corner short of an amazing lap time – my Aprilia is working fantastically and we probably just need to work on being more solid under braking in order to go much faster. I felt more comfortable riding on my own than I did with a slipstream – I’ve got my markers sorted out and I’d feel happy riding on my own on Sunday if there’s a break on. I got my feeling back at Barcelona and I want to keep it for the rest of the year. I set pole pace for a few laps but was losing out in T4, which is the only improvement I think we can make tomorrow. This morning I had a little crash on the way into the chicane but it hasn’t caused me any problems. The pain in my knee is most noticeable in the fast direction changes but I barely feel it until I get off the bike.”

25th Pere Tutusaus, 1.39.538 (15 laps)
“I ran off track on the entrance to the back straight in qualifying but got straight back on track and everything was back to normal. We’re struggling quite a bit with corner speed and we still don’t know why but at the top end of the rev range the power isn’t coming through. Hopefully we can fix that tomorrow because I like the track and I think I can get a lot faster in the quick sections.”

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