British GP: 125cc Quotes after Final Quali

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2nd Gábor Talmacsi, 1.37.520 (15 laps)
“I’m happy again today because we’ve continued our good form. The morning practice was tricky because people were pushing on the wet surface and there were a lot of crashes. I used my experience to stay upright and set a good lap time. In the afternoon people were taking fewer risks because yesterday’s lap time was what counted. It was an interesting session for us because we went the right way with the set-up for the wet and we’re ready for rain or dry. We don’t know what the conditions will be like for the race but there a few riders going fast so the objective is to hold firm and think about the championship.”

3rd Sergio Gadea, 1.37.649 (15 laps)
“It has been a strange day with non-stop rain. This morning I was pushing but not to the limit and in the afternoon I did push a bit harder and ended up running off track. I preferred to do that than risk crashing and I’m happy with the result overall. Tomorrow we’ll start from third and they say it will be dry so if that’s the case we’ll try and run at the front from the start. The Aprilia is working well, it even feels good under braking in the wet and the pace is good. We’re fulfilling our objective, which was just to be consistent. This morning I had a bit of trouble with my knee, probably because of the cold, but in the afternoon the pain subsided a lot. I’d prefer to be in top shape but I feel strong enough to fight tomorrow.”

25th Pere Tutusaus, 1.39.538 (15 laps)
“I felt comfortable today. This morning I was seventeenth and in the afternoon I was fighting for a similar position but we dropped a few places at the end. We were competitive in the two wet sessions though and that is important to me. We’re optimistic about tomorrow but we’ll have to wait and see what the weather does. A lot of riders tend to crash so the main thing will be to stay upright and try to hold out for a result.”

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