Dutch GP – Assen – Quotes 125cc after QP1

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9th Sergio Gadea, 1.46.318 (13 laps)
“Things started out well this morning but in the afternoon we altered the setting with a new rear shock to try and stop the bike sliding in certain corners and I didn’t like it. I had a couple of moments and we went back to the original configuration, but there was no time to improve. There are a couple of points on the track that we are finding more difficult than we expected but in general terms the first feeling is good. We’re still working well, harmony within the team is perfect and the settings we used this morning are a good reference point for the second day. If it doesn’t rain we should be up there.”

13th Gábor Talmacsi, 1.46.532 (14 laps)
“We weren’t too fast this morning and we can do much better. It is no excuse but a lot of my laps in the afternoon session were spoiled by traffic. I don’t think there’s a specific reason why we’ve not been fast today though – it’s just those small details that lose time off your lap. Fundamentally the fast corners are the biggest problem because the bike isn’t turning as it should. We need to study the telemetry tonight to try and iron out those little issues that are costing us time on each lap. I don’t know exactly what the situation is right now so we have to look into it and try to prepare for tomorrow.”

24th Pere Tutusaus, 1.47.354 (15 laps)
“Assen is a pretty cool track – my first impressions are really good. In qualifying I improved my best lap by over a second from the morning. I think that taking into account the fact I didn’t follow anybody it is a good lap time but we have to hope that it doesn’t rain tomorrow, as it is forecast, so that we can continue to improve. We experimented with the rear wheel because I went for the smaller one (115), as I did at Donington, but it was moving around a lot so I came in and changed to the bigger one (120). The change worked well but the fact it is a completely new circuit doesn’t help much.”

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