Dutch GP – Assen – Quotes 125cc after Final Quali

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9th Sergio Gadea, 1.46.318 (14 laps)
“It’s annoying to see myself right up there in free practice and then not be able to do anything about it in qualifying. I don’t think the bike is 100% set up and even though I tried to compensate for it through effort I was close to running off track on more than one occasion. We’re still having problems with the rear end of my Aprilia which are really affecting my riding and I can’t relax. The idea is to make the most of the warm-up and get a better feeling ahead of the race. After two days the race is still a question mark as far as I’m concerned. Aside from the ninth place start, if we have a useful warm-up then we can expect a good race.”

13th Gábor Talmacsi, 1.46.532 (13 laps)
“This has been the toughest weekend of the season so far for us. On the first day we had a few doubts and went down the wrong path, whilst today in the rain I was fast but still didn’t have a good feeling for my Aprilia. The problems are mainly coming from the front tyre. In the afternoon I tried to give my best but I made a few mistakes and couldn’t get a rhythm together with that wind. We’re not competitive right now but working together with my technicians and with a good warm-up we can go for it in the race. We’ve struggled with the wind at Donington and here and we’re some way of the right set-up for this kind of condition.”

24th Pere Tutusaus, 1.47.354 (15 laps)
“Today was tricky because of the weather. In the morning we rode in the wet and got a good feeling but in the dry this afternoon we struggled to get a rhythm together. I got with a group of riders ahead of me and was almost as fast as them. I came in to change tyres and we stepped the pace up bit but then I got held up by Nico and Smith and it cost me a good lap. I think it wasn’t possible to lap as fast today as we did yesterday because of the conditions, which were damp all day, and tomorrow’s race will be tough for us starting from 24th. We have to believe in ourselves, get a good start and try to make up positions.”

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