Dutch GP – Assen – Quotes 250cc after Final Quali

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1st Álvaro Bautista, 1.39.510 (21 laps)
“This is my fifth pole of the season and I’m delighted about it. The lap times didn’t come down today because the conditions were worse than yesterday but I feel comfortable with the bike, even in the wind. The track wasn’t as grippy as yesterday but I was happy on the bike. We have changed a few details with the configuration and we got more and more competitive each time. The initial objective for the race is the same as usual – to do my job properly and have fun. Once we see the situation in the race we’ll decide on a strategy. We have to stay cool on track and be ready for anything. It will be a tough race if the wind is as strong as it was today but I think we’re ready and even stronger than we were for the last race, which was in similar conditions.”

15th Héctor Faubel, 1.40.972 (16 laps)
“My neck’s a bit stiff after the crash but I don’t think it’s anything serious. I was feeling really comfortable but had a completely stupid fall just after I’d gone out. This morning went well but the crash in the afternoon complicated things for us. We’ve had a good pace all weekend and ran up front during practice but could have done with an extra five minutes at the end. Unlike Donington we have things clear here and we know how to do well, so I’m happy with that. If I get a good start and stick with the group in front of me I can have a good race. Tomorrow we have another chance to learn a lot in the race and I don’t plan to let it escape. I’m really hopeful.”

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