Dutch GP – Assen – Quotes 125cc after race

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1st Gábor Talmacsi
“It’s really incredible, one of the happiest moments of my life. The weekend was difficult, with the conditions on track, but thanks to my team we answered back in the race. The first part was bad, but the second start was where I motivated myself to the maximum and tried to keep my concentration up. During the break we made some adjustments to the engine and I think that we have cleared up exactly why I was able to go so fast afterwards. I had an intelligent last lap, and it’s incredible that we could take victory. I am happy for the win, which I didn’t expect, but the 25 points are even more important as they arrive at just the right moment.”

21st Pere Tutusaus
“It was a really strange race. They stopped and we were made to start again, but I didn’t feel at ease in either of the races. The weekend was developing well and I felt a good feeling with the bike, but I didn’t have any good starts and was behind from the beginning. I would have liked to have fought for the top fifteen, but I wasn’t able to do it. In Sachsenring we have another opportunity to continue learning, and I hope that things go better.”

Sergio Gadea (DNF)
“The warm up was wet, then before the race I was a little nervous because of the dry asphalt in some parts and wet sections. The sighting lap was where I saw that it was totally dry, and I picked up more confidence from that. I started strong, got in the front pack, and tried to take things calmly because I wanted to avoid other riders and the possibility of a crash. I think that I grazed a another rider and the exhaust gave out. The bike lost power, and that was really unfortunate. In Germany we will be back fighting for the front.”

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