German GP – 125cc Quotes after QP1

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1st Gábor Talmacsi: 1.27.623 (16 laps)
“The way the first day has gone has been incredible. I feel as though we’re really competitive, have the perfect setting and the Aprilia is working great. Every change we made has improved the bike and in free practice in particular we made the bike really well balanced. I think that helped us get on the right track for the afternoon and kick things off in the right way here. Sachsenring is a tricky circuit but last year we had good results and that gave me confidence coming here. I think we’re ready for a good result before the long summer break and my objective is to win.”

9th Sergio Gadea: 1.28.559 (16 laps)
“I’m satisfied but not completely happy because I was hoping for more on this first day. The lap times have not been fast and even though the Aprilia is working almost perfectly we need to improve our speed in the fast corners. Providing it doesn’t rain tomorrow we’ll try to improve the front end and get into the top five, which is our main objective. I’m not too pleased with the grid position so we’ll have to keep working to improve. It is more important to avoid traffic at this circuit than at any other because it is so narrow and that makes it difficult to overtake.”

27th Pere Tutusaus: 1.29.706 (18 laps)
“The first session didn’t go well because it rained a little and this, added to the fact that this is a new and difficult circuit for me to learn, made me be quite hesitant. We improved in qualifying but we have to take another step forward if we want to challenge in the top 20. This circuit is full of left-handers so the left side of the tyre gets a lot of wear and this causes the bike to slide, which I’ve not got used to yet. We have to work hard on the set-up of my Aprilia and hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. If I can improve my pace I’m sure I’ll enjoy the track more because I like its characteristics.”

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