German GP – 250cc Quotes after QP1

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6th Héctor Faubel: 1.24.709 (24 laps)
“I’m happy today because we’ve continued in the same vein as Assen and at the end of the day the second row is where we need to be. Finally I can say that I feel comfortable riding the 250cc Aprilia! Qualifying was going as normal but in the end we fitted a new tyre and it proved to be the key to a fast lap. We’ve gone back to the setting from Mugello and Barcelona, which I like a lot, and it looks like the results are coming. If it rains tomorrow we’ve got our homework done and if not we’ll keep working on the suspension because the extra heat introduces a few variables.”

11th Álvaro Bautista: 1.25.007 (21 laps)
“I felt a little uncomfortable with the bike this morning and in the afternoon I improved but there were too many people in my way to improve the lap time. Let’s hope the rain stays off tomorrow so we can improve. The section that’s giving us the most trouble is the series of left-handers in the middle of the lap so that’s where we need to work on. The key to improving my lap time is to getter better references and adapt the set-up of my Aprilia more to the characteristics of the circuit.”

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