German GP – Saturday Quotes; 125cc

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1st Gábor Talmacsi: 1.27.552 (17 laps):
“We start from the front and we have a really fast pace so we’re ready for tomorrow. I quickly realised that my time from yesterday wasn’t going to be enough for pole so I pushed to improve. I guess it won’t be an easy race because you have to work physically very hard at this track but I think we just need a slight modification to the bike and we’ll be in good shape. It looks as though the pace in general is fast, with three riders ahead of the rest at the moment, but I feel I can be strong in wet or dry conditions. We’ll have to see what happens at the start and decide on a strategy to follow, which will be more important here than most other places because of the track conditions. It seems there is not much rubber down, so the grip isn’t as good as we would like, but I hope it improves tomorrow.”

12th Sergio Gadea: 1.28.559 (16 laps):
“This morning’s crash ruined our programme for today. The front wheel bounced and because the track was damp I lost grip and crashed. Things went better in the afternoon and I’m happy that the Aprilia is fast. I’m not happy with my own performance here though because I’m struggling to work on the set-up. I’m running wide in a lot of corners and I can’t get the bike to go where I want it. We still don’t have hard evidence of what we need to improve to be at 100% so we’ll have to take a bit of a gamble in the warm-up. I think Gábor is going to escape in the race and my personal goal is to be as close to the front as possible.”

31st Pere Tutusaus: 1.29.618 (17 laps):
“I’m a bit gutted because things didn’t go well at all for us on wet tyres this morning. We have to look at the telemetry because I think there was something wrong with the bike – the engine was losing power in certain areas of the track. It is strange because I like the circuit but I can’t get comfortable here. The start will be tough because we’re a long way down the grid but I’ll try my best to put in a good performance.”

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