Post-Race Quotes From Germany; 125cc

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3rd Gábor Talmacsi
“It has been a difficult race from the start due to the conditions. In any case I am satisfied with the podium, above all because the rain made it so hard. Lap by lap I felt more comfortable and understood that I shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks whilst in such a good position. The final laps in the rain made things very hard, and I thought that they were going to stop the race. I am happy with the pole position, which confirms that we are going in the right direction, and I can now relax during the break knowing that I am back in the title hunt.”

13th Pere Tutusaus:
“It has been one of the most fun races to date for me in the World Championship, but it was hard. All weekend we had a multitude of complications and I never felt at ease with my riding. From the start I focused on coming back through the pack, and I saw a group way out in front that I tried to catch. I saw Pol and I drove myself to pass him, and from there my confidence grew and grew. I had the will to take points, and I can continue my motivated state during the summer, eager to get back into action the same way that I did today.”
Sergio Gadea (DNF):
“At the start of the race I found it hard to find a good feeling with the bike. I didn’t feel secure on the turns and the first laps made me think that I was going to crash out. The setup wasn’t right today, for these conditions. I started to get more comfortable, and felt confident of riding fast at times, but then my bike froze up and I ran off track. I tried again but it was impossible, so I am not happy with that or the lack of luck that we are having this year. I hope to be back on form in Brno, after disconnecting during the summer break.”

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