Czech GP – 125cc – Quotes after QP1

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1st Gábor Talmacsi: 2.09.870 (10 laps)
“I’m happy with this result although I think the pace is quite slow compared to past seasons. The different grip levels have given us some set-up problems with both the front and rear end. The bike was sliding around quite a lot but the main thing is that nobody went faster. That is positive but we can’t afford to sleep and we need to work on finding out why we can’t go faster. The rain was a bit of a setback but when we went back out Jorge told me to give it everything. That’s what I did – it was still raining a bit but the grip was good. It’s been a good first qualifying but this is only the start and we can’t take anything for granted. Hopefully I can be fast again tomorrow.”

9th Sergio Gadea: 2.11.276 (10 laps)
“I think the pace this year is slower than it was last year at all the tracks. I’m happy with this afternoon because we switched from the number 1 bike to the number 2 and the gamble paid off. The engine works well although it takes time to get used to a different bike. In the end I pushed and managed to considerably improve my lap time, going from 2’13 to 2’11 on one lap. We’ve still got a lot of work to do this weekend but we’re taking some important little steps forward. I took some lines off Gábor in some areas of the track and it really helped.”

30th Pere Tutusaus: 2.14.192 (11 laps)
“This is not the kind of result we want and the truth is that I didn’t find any kind of feeling for the bike all day. It seems to be a horsepower issue because a lot of riders were passing me as if I was parked – we need to improve this aspect before tomorrow. I tried to push and in qualifying I improved my time from this morning but we’ve ended up 30th, which is certainly not where we should be. The track is quite technical but I like it and I’ve come here to fight for a good result.”

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