Czech GP – 250cc – Quotes after QP1

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10th Álvaro Bautista: 2’20.270 (16 laps)
“The first session today was quite productive because we tried a few things in the cycle part of the bike that worked. I’d hoped to make some more changes for qualifying but the rain didn’t give us much chance. Also, just before the start I started to feel some pain in my stomach and it affected my concentration. Just before the end I think I braked too hard going into turn 3 and I went down. I felt really dizzy but luckily I’m okay and ready to get back to work tomorrow.”

Héctor Faubel (did not qualify): 2’26.173 (15 laps)
“Everything went quite well this morning and then suddenly this afternoon it started to drizzle and eventually turned into heavy rain. The track was flooded by the end. I’ve had quite a few problems with the engine of my Aprilia, and I think this has been our biggest handicap. I think the new surface is really good, they’ve ironed out a lot of bumps. We’re still missing a bit of grip but that will improve as more rubber is laid down. Free practice went well, I was pretty much in the top ten, but in the end it’s been a tough day for various reasons – not least the weather.”

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