Czech GP – 125cc – Quotes after QP2

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1st Gábor Talmacsi: 2.09.870 (8 laps)
“To take my second pole of the season in front of so many of my fans is a great feeling. I’ve worked really hard during the break to come back in the top four and show that I’m not ready throw in the towel – it looks like it’s worked. It’s difficult to guess what might happen tomorrow but we’ve got a great base setting. Whatever the weather for the race I’ll be trying to make my experience count. We’ll have to see what happens in the warm-up but I’m sure we’re on the right lines and we should get a good pace together in the dry or wet. The wet setting we tried in the last ten minutes gave positive results.”

9th Sergio Gadea: 2.11.276 (9 laps)
“I’m happy because the Aprilia is working well. Yesterday we decided to switch to the second bike and it looks like it’s worked. At the same time I’m not really satisfied with my grid position but we’re taking more positive steps every day. We’ve tested some geometry settings and in general terms I feel comfortable on the bike. I’m still not getting enough feel from the front end but as far as everything else is concerned we’re ready to race.”

30th Pere Tutusaus: 2.14.192 (9 laps)
“The rain has come back to stop us from improving our position but the work we have done in these two sessions should help us in the future. I haven’t felt comfortable in the wet and it’s been a difficult weekend for us but I think we can have a good race tomorrow as we have done in the past. I’d like the race tomorrow to be in the dry so that I can try and get in the points.”

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