Czech GP – 250cc – Quotes after QP2

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10th Álvaro Bautista: 2.14.577 (17 laps)
“It’s difficult to know what to do in this weather. Yesterday went well because we solved the few problems we had and I felt safe but I had a crash at the end of the session. I also had a headache and stomach ache and even though I felt better this morning the mixed conditions made it impossible to work on the setting. This afternoon I improved my feeling gradually with the Aprilia and it’s just a shame I couldn’t get higher than tenth by the end. I’d prefer a dry race tomorrow so that it’s more straightforward to overtake. I need to get into the lead group before they escape but if I can do that then we’ve got a chance of even winning the race.”

14th Héctor Faubel: 2.15.416 (15 laps)
“Luckily we’ve found a setting I really like for the wet. It has been a grey and rainy day but with the way this year have gone you come to expect it. I’m not happy with the result because we could have gone better over the last couple of laps and I’m not too comfortable with this weather. The forecast is for sunshine tomorrow, which will be a handicap for everybody because we’ve had no dry time, but obviously we’ll try to be as close to the front as possible.”

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