250cc Mapfre Aspar Team testing in Brno

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After the Czech GP the both Mapfre Aspar riders stayed another day at the Brno circuit to test new parts for their bikes. With them were the 250cc teams of Emmi Cafe Latte, Lotus Aprilia, Polaris World, Red Bull KTM and Toth Aprilia.
Alvaro Bautista managed to improve his best laptime from yesterday’s race and clocked the fastest laptime of the day with 2’02”057.
Teammate Hector Faubel also improved and finished the day with a best of 2’02”981.

1. Bautista (Aprilia) 2:02.057 (61 laps)
2. Kallio (KTM) 2:02.248 (34)
3. Barberá (Aprilia) 2:02.315 (84)
4. Luthi (Aprilia) 2:02.562 (76)
5. Pasini (Aprilia) 2:02.849 (41)
6. Faubel (Aprilia) 2:02.981 (60)
7. Aoyama (KTM) 2:03.004 (77)
8. Pesek (Aprilia) 2:03.830 (49)
9. Olivé (Aprilia) 2:04.935 (65)

Alvaro Bautista: 2.02.057 (61 laps)
“I am very satisfied, because I went out on track with both motorcycles and it has been a very productive day. With the first motorcycle we have found improvements in the engine that made us very fast and the tyres mounted during the session gave me an incredibly stable feeling on the Aprilia. Besides that we have worked on the front wheel of the bike. I am convinced that if we had this setting yesterday, we we would have had a better chance for the victory. Later, with the second bike, I have tested new compounds that Dunlop brought us and have improved my laptime of yesterday’s race. All the tyres used during the day are durable and make the motorcycle faster, but at the same time stabilise it very good and give very good grip. They give you a lot of confidence riding the bike.”

Héctor Faubel: 2.02.981 (60 laps)
“I can honestly say that I leave Brno with a very good feeling. The feelings in the race were formidable and today’s test has helped us to discover many things for the near future. I used the first bike all day and the mounted tyres made it possible to get the maximum from the Aprilia. I have even been able to lower my laptime of the race. Besides the tyre testing we made some adjustments in the geometry of the motorcycle, lowering it and achieving that the riding was much more comfortable. I am very satisfied and I can’t wait to go to Misano and continue the work.”

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