Team Aspar Lineup 2009

 In MotoGP

According to an interview with Jorge Martinez the structure for the Aspar squad next year could be almost the same as this year.
Gabor Talmacsi will move up to the 250cc class with Aspar, but in a second team which might also have a different sponsor. The main 250cc team will continue with Alvaro Bautista and Hector Faubel, but depending on this season’s results of Alvaro Bautista and the outcome of Aspar’s efforts to start an additional MotoGP team which might see Bautista move up next season.
The 125cc team will again start with Sergio Gadea while Pere Tutusaus could also stay in the team, depending on how many bikes Aspar can provide.

Aspar also said that he’d like to have the MotoGP question solved and officially announce the results before the race in Misano. With that announcement a lot of the team structure would fall into place as well.

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