GP San Marino – 250cc Preview Quotes

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Alvaro Bautista:
“We come to San Marino with a lot of desire and especially after the race in Brno, where we were close to the victory, we will try to win here at all costs. Misano is the track where I tested the Aprilia RSA for the first time last season, so we already have references and that is a very positive aspect. In 2007 we were fast from the first day on, our intention is to repeat that and to continue improving. We must continue to cut down points and therefore we will have to get out our best weapons. It will be a very difficult task because we are on the home turf of the “enemy”, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try.”

Héctor Faubel
“Misano is a circuit that I like a lot, but of which I do not have a very good memory, because last year I crashed at the end of the race. I hope to have a good result this season to make up for that. The last GP and the testing afterwards helped us to get back some good feeling, but we know our limits, so our goal will be to continue working in the same direction, to be able to get a Aprilia RSA in 2009. It is clear that there’s always some space for improvement and that is what we try, to continue going in that direction.”

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