Pere Replaced By Adrian Martin In World Championship Squad

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Having got all excited posting up the San Marino event schedule and everything it’s come as something of a shock and a disappointment to find out that we won’t be watching Tutu after all…

Team Bancaja Aspar (according to reports at has announced that Pere Tutusaus will be replaced in the 125cc World Championship for the remainder of the season by Adrian Martin (although the team will apparently field local rider Patrick Jacobsen at Indy).
This substitution begins this weekend at San Marino, and according to Aspar is to allow Pere to concentrate on his campaign with the team in Spain’s CEV Championship where he currently lies fourth.
Tutu has run as a wildcard in the World Championships five times during 2006 and 2007, and 2008 is his first proper campaign on the team (he has a three year contract with Bancaja Aspar in the World Championship, according to our reading of the Aspar website).
He currently stands in 26th in the Championship, having pulled back some decent race performances from sometimes disappointing qualifyings, but having proven a solid rider – and particularly so in tricky conditions such as France and China.

WE SAY: Whilst it’s clearly a sign that Aspar wants Pere to focus on the CEV title, and of course that title is about the team no just the rider, so it’s hardly surprising, it is nonetheless disappointing that we won’t see Tutu continue to develop and get experience in the world class this year. Personally I can’t help feeling that if he’d been doing a bit better this decision simply wouldn’t have arisen. I hope I’m wrong, but we all know how deeply sport is about politick as much as genuine sporting strategy.
Let’s hope the move is a wise one and that Pere makes the most of his CEV challenge and that the team is swift to bring him back into the World Championship squad…

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