San Marino GP – Misano – 125cc quotes after QP2

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1st Gábor Talmacsi, 1.43.729 (13 laps)
“To be on top in all four sessions is really exciting. The changes we made at Brno have had a positive effect – we’ve found a really good set-up and it allows me to brake later and accelerate earlier and harder. The feeling with the rear is really secure and I can have fun riding. I felt a bit tired yesterday, maybe because of the heat, but today I was better and I’m ready to race. It won’t be easy because of the heat but I intend to impose my pace and try to win. I felt really strong in qualifying and I think that’s important for my confidence going into the race. If the conditions tomorrow are like today I’ll be very happy.”

12th Sergio Gadea, 1.45.033 (14 laps)
“I’m happy with the job we’ve done and how things have gone but the end of the session wasn’t what we expected. I was hoping for a better position but there are three key points to this track where I am losing a lot of time. The bike is bouncing around on the front and that makes it tough in the fast direction changes. I like the track and I’m enjoying riding the Aprilia. We’ve got nothing to lose tomorrow so we can try and get away at the front and push as hard as we can, see if we can spring a surprise. I think that if we can get more confidence in the direction changes we can make up a lot of ground.”

35th Adrián Martín, 1.47.023 (15 laps)
“I think I could have done better this afternoon but a few problems cropped up and I lost time in T3. I’m happy because we’re moving forward step by step but we probably needed a bigger improvement to get higher up the grid. I’m motivated and I want to have fun in my first GP. Any result will be good but I’d love to be in the top 25 and try to learn from a faster group than me.”

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