San Marino GP – Misano – 125cc quotes after the race

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1º Gábor Talmacsi
“From the start I tried to escape from the others, and I used the confidence picked up over the weekend. I think that the strategy worked, because Smith was the only one able to keep up with me at any point in the race. In the middle of the race I made a mistake, slipping the gears, and Bradley passed me and made me think twice about the victory. However, lap by lap I got stronger and more confident in the grip of the Aprilia, so I tried to break free again when I passed him. With Bradl and Di Meglio crashing, the championship is wide open again, so we have to keep doing what we’ve been doing and try and win as many races as possible.”

Sergio Gadea 10th
“I gave all I had, but it was very difficult to find regular pace from lap to lap. I didn’t have confidence with the Aprilia during the weekend, above all with the rear end. I wouldn’t mind the result that much if it hadn’t have been so unenjoyable to ride. I started angry, trying to be aggressive in order to catch up positions quickly, but I didn’t have any feeling with the bike and a lot of riders passed me. This put me off and I had to try and come back again. The team’s work was good, but we have to keep working in order to find solutions to these problems.”

Adrián Martín (DNF)
“I started well and soon realized that a good race was possible. I overtook a few riders on the start and was keen to keep doing so, but on the closed corner after the chicane two riders touched and I couldn’t avoid them. I tried to brake, suddenly I saw the KTM on the track and had to go over it. I tried to restart the bike, but the front wheel was stuck and there was nothing to be done about it. Although I only did a few laps, I am happy because of my good start. I think that I can do well next time.”

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