San Marino GP – Misano – 250cc quotes after the race

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Álvaro Bautista -Winner
“Alongside my mechanics and Aprilia we found a really good setting in the warmup, and I was very excited about the race. The only setback was the fact that I was starting from far back and the race was shaping up to be difficult. With the high temperatures the physical effort involved was enormous. In the end I tried to catch up with the leading group, and they were bothering each other so much that I was able to do it. At the end of the race Hector and Marco touched and that allowed me to reach the line more comfortably. I’m really happy because the result takes us closer to the top of the standings, and because this weekend looked to be a difficult one. I would also like to dedicate this victory to the victims of the recent Spanish air disaster.”

Héctor Faubel (DNF)
“It was a pity about the crash, because all weekend we had been working well and had a great race pace. The start was a good one, but Debon hit me from behind and I lost positions. The when I regained positions I also had a problem with Debon, because he fell just as I was opening the gas. I had no way of avoiding him, and looping back at my pace I Could have had a good result without that happening. Racing is like that. Now I am hoping for the same kind of early conditions at Indianapolis.”

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