Australian GP, Phillip Island: Post-Qualifying Quotes

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3rd Álvaro Bautista: 1.32.917 (21 laps):
“It’s a shame we had a little setback halfway through the session, when the bike developed an electrical fault and I had to come in to swap for bike number two, which had a different configuration. We worked hard to adapt it and in the end we finished well. It’s going to be a tough race tomorrow because everybody is really close but it’s good to be starting from the front row – unlike other races where I’ve had to fight through. We’ll try to get a good start, run with the front group and give 100% for a top result. Marco is really strong here but we have to put the brakes on him. Our target today was the front row and so far, so good.”

5th Héctor Faubel: 1.33.167 (20 laps):
“I’m really happy because I’ve missed being so close to the front. We know we have to back it up with a good start tomorrow to try and stay up front for as long as possible. I spent qualifying trying to get a good feeling and then in the last five minutes I picked up my pace and got a really good lap in behind Álvaro. I’m satisfied with the result and I hope we can round a good weekend off with a good race tomorrow. We know what we have and to be in fifth place, challenging for the front row, is really good for us. I still need to get a better feeling with my Aprilia but seeing what we were capable of this afternoon, I know I can ride fast.”



9th Gábor Talmacsi: 1.38.501 (14 laps):
“I was expecting a better position than this but there was a lot of wind out there today and I wasn’t comfortable with the conditions. I’m not sure why but I was finding it difficult to lap on my own. It’s nothing major but we need to have a look at where our problems are and make the necessary changes to be quick tomorrow. We tried a cylinder yesterday that we thought would be good for today but the result wasn’t what we expected so we need to take a step backwards. I won’t be pushing hard in warm-up tomorrow because I need to protect my hand for the race. I’m really motivated but as with the last race I can’t predict a result – just try to do my best like I did in Japan.”

14th Sergio Gadea: 1.38.864 (14 laps):
“We lost time this morning because of an engine problem and I had to take the second bike out. Luckily we got it sorted and in qualifying I was back on bike number one. Even then I couldn’t get comfortable on the Aprilia. We’ve tried various things but we can’t seem to find the right setting for this circuit. The truth is that it’s been a difficult weekend and I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow – I just want to get on with it.”

31st Adrián Martín: 1.41.694 (8 laps):
“The crash was a shame because I was feeling good and I honestly don’t know how but I suddenly found myself on the ground. I was trying to improve my pace but I was still a long way off my limit. Luckily I got away with a knock to my right calf and I’m looking forward to taking part in my third Grand Prix tomorrow.”

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