MotoGP – Malaysia – 250cc – Quotes after QP1

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2nd Álvaro Bautista, 2.07.073 (17 laps)
“It’s a shame they pinched pole off us right at the end because we’d dominated the session. It is only provisional, though, and the important one is tomorrow. The first session is always tricky here but the track improved in the afternoon with the more rubber that was laid down. We’ve spent all day working on the setting of the bike and I’m pretty happy with the result. The KTMs go really well at this track, as we saw last year, but I think that could be a good thing for us in terms of the championship because the more riders there are at the front the better. We’ll try to take advantage of that and put ourselves ahead of the rest.”

9th Héctor Faubel
, 2.08.009 (16 laps)
“The pace is fast compared to last year. I felt comfortable riding, apart from in the last two sections, which I’m struggling with a bit more. We improved this afternoon but we still have to work to find a better pace and drop those lap times. I’m happy with the start we’ve made and I think we can get back on the second row tomorrow. It is very humid but the conditions are the same for everybody. Personally I’m in good physical shape and I feel good. The track improved a lot tomorrow and if the conditions are good tomorrow it will improve a whole lot more.”

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