MotoGP – Malaysia – 125cc – Quotes after QP2

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2nd Gábor Talmacsi: 2.15.206 (8 laps)
“This morning went really well. I felt comfortable on the bike and I think we made a big step up with the race pace and lap time. We were ready to make a change to the gear ratio for qualifying but the rain prevented that. We’ve got some similar problems to the ones we had in Australia in the wet. I don’t have a good feeling with the wet front tyre but we’ll try to improve that tomorrow in case it’s wet. We’re ready for a dry race and my objective is to win it. I think we’ve been fast today and yesterday and we’ve got the pace to run at the front from the start.”

5th Sergio Gadea: 2.15.684 (10 laps)
“We tried to improve the set-up this morning, made a change and it seemed to work. On the final lap I hit neutral going into the chicane and I was fully leaned over, so I went down. It was nothing really but we missed the chance to set a good lap time. I’m happy with the afternoon session because we ended up third fastest and if it wasn’t for the rain we’d have improved a lot. If it’s a dry race I’m sure it will be as close usual and we’ll have to take a few chances. It’s good that we’re starting from fifth so I don’t have as much ground to make up as I have done recently but it will also be important not to make any mistakes if I want to run with the lead group.”

27th Adrián Martín: 2.18.655 (10 laps)
“I really like this track in the wet. I got faster and faster the more confident I got. It’s a shame qualifying wasn’t dry because we also did a great job this morning and I think I could have moved up into the top twenty. Anyway, I’m going to go out and try to pass as many riders as possible.”

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