MotoGP – Malaysia – 250cc – Quotes after QP2

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2nd Álvaro Bautista: 2.07.073 (17 laps)
“The track conditions were different to yesterday. There was more humidity in the air and you could tell. We put a new engine in but didn’t get much chance to set it up and this afternoon it was quite running at 100%. We lost a bit in the gear ratio setting and that’s why I struggled to put my pace together but in the corners the suspension and chassis feels good, which is important for the race tomorrow. We’ll work a bit more on the engine in the warm-up tomorrow and try to have a good race. It is going to be a test of endurance tomorrow because of the heat but I’m going out to win as usual. Lets see if the KTMs can stay with us and make it a group battle.”

10th Héctor Faubel: 2.08.009 (13 laps)
“The rain was a real hindrance to us this morning because we were hoping to try a new engine we’d fitted yesterday. We had to make a few stops this afternoon to refine the setting and we lost a lot of time. We also made a couple of changes to the chassis that didn’t really work so we’ll go back to the setting we had yesterday. It is a shame that our run of second row starts has ended but I think we can still do well from the third row. We’ll try to run up front tomorrow but the lead guys have a good pace and it will be tough to keep up.”

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