Valencia GP – 250cc – Quotes after QP1

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9th Álvaro Bautista: 1’51.117 (21 laps)
“Today has been a very calm day, because the track wasn’t really suitable for riding and we opted against taking risks. The sessions were rather crash-heavy for other riders. On our part we were looking for slow and steady progress in order to pick up confidence. The feeling that we had was good, and we were in control of the bike all the time, which is important. With the title decided we don’t need to take chances, and instead we focused on trying some rear tyres –with the softer one decided for if it rains. There are lots of left handers on this circuit, and that’s where the rubber usually gets worn out, so the selection will be crucial.”

14th Héctor Faubel: 1.52.343 (19 laps)
“This morning we went very well. In the afternoon with a little less water on track we had some engine difficulties, although we solved them by the end of the session. At the start it was pretty bad, but when we found the way around it I felt progressively more comfortable. Water is something that has followed us throughout the championship, so I’m not worried about the chance of a wet race. We’ll be ready for that. If it doesn’t rain then I hope to equal my time from the winter test here, and if we do that then we will be up at the top. I think that I can do well here, because I know the track so well.”

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