Valencia GP – 125cc – Quotes after QP2

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1st Gábor Talmacsi: 1.41.451 (16 laps)
“I love the feeling I’ve got with my first bike and I’m so happy to be on pole position – not just for me but for the team because this is their home race. It is my final race in 125cc race so that’s another reason to be happy that I’m signing off on top form. I wasn’t sure this would be possible because I didn’t feel too comfortable in the wet and my wrist still isn’t 100% but little by little I built up my confidence and then pushed hard at the end. Second place in the championship is still not guaranteed and Corsi is close, but I think tomorrow will be exciting and anything could happen. The bike is working perfectly so I’m hoping for a dry race and a win, which I haven’t managed at this circuit.”

2nd Sergio Gadea: 1.41.641 (15 laps)
“It’s a shame because I really wanted pole but I’m happy for Gábor. We’ve got a really good set-up here. Yesterday we didn’t want to take any risks because we knew we could be fast in the dry and we are. I picked my pace up immediately after the red flag and on the last lap I was pushing hard, although the bike didn’t feel 100%. Hopefully the race will be dry – I know Gábor is very strong but I’ll push to try and escape. During the warm-up we’ll do some more work on the set-up but we’re almost ready.”

24th Adrián Martín: 1.44.193 (17 laps)
“It was difficult to get into a rhythm today – firstly because the morning session was wet and then there was a red flag in the afternoon. We had some set-up problems and I didn’t feel totally comfortable on the brakes. I also made a couple of mistakes mid-corner that cost me some time. I know this track well and I think we have a chance of putting together a good race and challenging for the points like we did last time.”

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