Valencia GP – 125cc – Quotes after Race

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Gábor Talmacsi (DNF)
“I think that today a win would have been easier than in other races, but my gear change lever broke right at the start of the race. For a moment I thought that I would have to stop, because I couldn’t change or control the bike, but I decided to continue. In this circuit there are some hard braking points where you need sensitivity in the engine, and I wasn’t able to do this. A few laps later I fell on the back straight when trying to drop down to second gear. I tried my best to have a good race for the fans, and make my exit from the 125cc category in style, but it wasn’t possible.”

Sergio Gadea (DNF)
“The truth is that I am happy with how the weekend went. I just think that at the start of the race we had bad luck. Bradl fell right in front of me, and I wasn’t able to swerve out of his way with him so close. It’s a pity, because I know that the front group would not have left me behind, and that I could have fought for the win. We had a good setting and our aim was to win. Everyone was very fast at the start, but I knew that if I stick in front on the opening laps then I’d have a chance. I was hoping to make the most of any opportunity, but now I just have to look to the upcoming year and hope that our luck changes.”

Adrián Martín (DNF)
“The feeling in the race was very good, and I took off thinking that I could pass a number of riders. I was moving up places and my motivation was going up, but when I got to the group in front of me I overtook Savadori and then the bike turned me over, throwing me up in the air. It was on the long corner, which you have to take at full gas, but it was an unexpected crash.”

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